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InBloom Waldorf Kindergarten and Afterschool Care

We are a Waldorf kindergarten and day care, nestled at the heart of the 2 acre park on Old Airport Road.

We nurture your child’s earliest development in a secure environment designed to let them truly bloom.


At Inbloom, we focus on awakening your child’s interest in the world, the Waldorf way. 


We begin by nourishing your child’s inner education. Our mindful curriculum inspires children to develop a love of learning, the courage to question and the ability to express their individuality, confidently.


Play Based Learning

That encourages creativity, self-expression and socialization.


Versatile Learning Materials

With experiences to inspire discovery and development.


Child-centric & Secure

Well designed environments that complement exploration.


Experiential Curriculum

That encourages children to explore freely and confidently.

Our days at Inbloom are designed

around discovery

Be it connecting with nature in 2 acres of green outdoors or discovering the magic of seasons through foods, songs, stories and activities, we nurture each child’s developing personality consistently, so they bloom physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Parent - Toddler

For children between

6 months and 18 months.


For children between

18 months and 3 years.


For children between

3 years and 6 years.

After-school care

Care for children of 18 month and above.

Our Programs

Helping children truly bloom, since 2004. 


We owe a lot to Inbloom for educating us about Waldorf education, so that we could make a conscious effort in the right direction for our child. 

In a world where kids are exposed to so much at an early age, our child enjoyed pure and simple childhood at Inbloom.

Nidhi Bhardwaj, former InBloom parent.

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