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InBloom is inspired by the Waldorf method of teaching, based on the research of Rudolf Steiner - a philosopher, scientist, and educator.


The Waldorf approach to early age education focuses on building universal human values and knowledge, through meaningful teaching and learning opportunities. Our priority is to provide an unhurried and secure creative environment where every child can learn and experience the richness of childhood.


Founders of InBloom

Pooja Marshall is a trained Waldorf teacher with 20 years of fruitful work in early childhood education and care. She is a certified teacher from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and has completed her MBA. She had a three-year stint in the corporate world as Senior Operations Manager at a leading BPO. Thereafter she began to pursue her passion as an educationist. Pooja is a certified Ashtanga and Aerial yoga teacher. Vipassana meditation is also part of her routine. These practices have played a key role in enhancing her inner growth, mindfulness, and reverence for the ‘present moment’, contributing greatly to her work with children and parents. 


Ryan Marshall has been a professional jockey with 29 years of horse racing experience. He has ridden over 700 winners across India and was the first Indian Jockey to win a race in Australia. He has been the Vice-President of the Jockey’s Association of India for 20 years. In his work with animals and people from varied cultural and socio-economic strata, Ryan has developed a unique skill set. He is highly sensitive, preceptive, intuitive, dedicated and hands-on. These skills align seamlessly with our child-centric environment at InBloom.







At InBloom children give expression to their imagination, guided by the gentle yet firm personality of the ‘Waldorf teacher'. The personality of our class teachers is a blend of compassion and knowledge. They cater to individual learning needs and guide children to reach their full potential in a gentle and loving manner. Each faculty member at InBloom, has a background in Early Childhood Education. Regular training on child-centric Waldorf practices allows our teachers to constantly refine their skills.

Teachers at InBloom

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Learn more about the Waldorf way of helping children, bloom. 

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