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  • Pooja Marshall

What are the benefits of telling stories to toddlers?

Should storytime be a part of your toddler’s daily schedule? We say YES, because it unleashes a burst of new discoveries and growth in their understanding of the world.

The oral tradition of storytelling has stood the test of time and is perhaps one of the simplest yet remarkable ways of educating little children.Stories capture invaluable lessons, helping cultures across the world pass on stories of good and goodness from one generation to another.

Look beyond the words of the story. Storytelling lays the foundation for developing language, unveiling new concepts and giving wings to a child’s budding imagination. It’s through stories that you can prepare a child for formal learning in grade school and teach valuable life lessons.

Storytime impacts a child’s developing mind in many wonderful ways. Consider how a simple story can engage your child.

A simple story:

  • Sharpens listening skills

  • Improves attention span

  • Enhances comprehension and language skills

  • Builds problem-solving skills

  • Encourages expression and expands vocabulary.

  • Ignites creative and flexible thinking

  • Leads to purposeful talking and discussion

  • Keeps children engaged in learning

At the heart of it, storytime paves the way for Parent- Child Bonding; a meaningful way to cut through a distracted, preoccupied or busy day.

A stress buster and energizer for both parents and children alike, story time allows for togetherness where both parents and little ones can let their creative selves free and have each other’s complete attention.



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