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InBloom HomeSchooler Diaries

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Watch our homeschoolers learn together, parents and preschoolers alike. Parents work hard to create learning opportunities for their child every day, filled with patience and guidance and a little help from our faculty and InBloom's monthly learning resources.

August in Pictures

August saw a lot of festivals (including our Independence Day) and even though we have to socially distance ourselves, our homeschoolers made the best of it. Take a look at how far our preschoolers have comes in such a short span of time.

Story time comes alive when our preschooler takes over

Splish, splash, splish splash. Our little preschooler narrates the story of a turtle frolicking in the monsoon rains. When a story is told several times, the child learns it and familiarizes himself with the plot; until he is finally able to relive the story in his own unique voice and manner.

Preschooler helping clean vessel : Spick, span, and satisfaction

Purposeful work has a multitude of benefits. Apart from learning a skill, honing their own physical and mental capabilities. A child learns to be patient, appreciate the effort in every activity, and feels valued when they are trusted with important jobs.

Toddler at Work: Making poha on day 1 of Homeschooling

A young toddler feels appreciated and gives in whole-heartedly to the purposeful task at hand. Even if the child's vocabulary is limited, his enthusiasm to contribute and discovery is limitless

The InBloom Homeschool program is specifically designed for parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Learning happens in leaps and bounds in the early years. So while your little one may not be able to come to school, we bring learning to them, the Waldorf way.

Our HomeSchool program is personalised to meet every child’s needs, and equips parents with resources, as well as weekly and monthly activities to keep the little ones learning



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