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Homeschool your Preschooler

To support you in navigating this critical time in your toddler’s growth and education, we are launching a Homeschool Program, specifically designed for parents of toddlers and preschoolers.


Learning that happens in leaps and bounds in the early years, cannot be put on hold due to uncertainties. So while the children may not be able to come to school, we bring the learning to them and the Waldorf method to your home.


InBloom Homeschool Program

The formative years are not about memorising the ABCs or the ability to count to 10.

They are about learning the unquantifiable; it's about reaching developmental milestones, learning essential life skills, values and habits that can last a lifetime. And watching children learn and develop a lifelong love for learning through mindful experiences is gratifying to both you as a parent and your little one.

The Inbloom Homeschool Program is designed to help preschoolers transition into their primary years. Instead of burdening little minds, we give children the right environment and tools to flourish holistically. Our program is personalised to meet every child’s needs, and equips you with tools and resources, as well as weekly and monthly activities to keep children learning and discovering.

This program is not meant to overwhelm you or your child. Instead, it will help toddlers and preschoolers grow holistically, cognitively, physically and emotionally, all while at home.


What does the Homeschool Program entail?


Creating the right home environment

Specially designed activities and lessons will guide you in creating opportunities for children to observe and imitate - thus developing critical life skills, good habits and values.


Designed for you - the parent

We communicate exclusively with you, so you can help nurture and educate your little ones to develop essential life skills holistically and media-free.


A Curriculum to suit YOUR child

Children will observe and participate at their own unique pace. So, what your child is learning today is not the same as what someone else is - and that is how it should be.


We provide the material & resources

Through the Homeschool Program, we keep open channels of communication. We provide the teaching material as well as    dedicated, one-on-one support.


Personalised to your home environment

The pace of learning depends on your child’s age, interest, and ability. A personalised curriculum will be developed keeping your child, and your home environment in mind.


Personalised to your home environment

The Homeschool Program is based on the Waldorf method, adapted to the Indian setting, and will be customized for every child and every home. Unlike rigid classroom methods, we believe in non-instructional teaching that includes leading by example.

A weekly and monthly curriculum will be outlined per your child’s developmental milestones. It will include ideas for play, songs, purposeful work and guided experiences rooted in lessons for children to imbibe. With keen and consistent support from the InBloom faculty, you can create a conducive environment to  introduce new concepts, ideas and responses - all at home. 

  1. A foundation video call so we can learn about your child, your home environment and create a customized curriculum.

  2. An orientation call for parents to better understand the Waldorf approach and philosophy with respect to their child.

  3. A personalised home-rhythm that allows you to plan your child’s daily and weekly activities while balancing your own unique schedule.

  4. An insight into the child's consciousness and abilities will be shared periodically through videos, information and faculty support so you are prepared to navigate their different stages of development. 

  5. An Indianised curriculum to help facilitate learning indoors and outdoors. We will provide guidance on activities, play, mealtimes, toilet training, how to create a media-free child-friendly environment, and tools to support your child’s developmental curve. 

  6. A monthly, age-appropriate kit (customised to the stage of child’s growth) that ensures the continued development of fine motor skills, attention span, and self-expression. The kit will contain art, craft, handwork material and instructional videos.

  7. Songs about seasons, nature, transitions, activities, and gratitude verses, both on print and videos along with tips, will help develop language, math and other discoveries. This is for you to learn and do with your child.

  8. Stories, recital tips and video support will guide you in creating story-time with your little ones to enhance their curiosity and everyday learning. 

  9. Videos and guidance on movement will help you introduce children to poses and postures that augment their gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

  10. Simple, seasonal recipes that you can prepare with your child and enjoy as a family. This encourages learning, expands your child's food repertoire and will also build immunity.

  11. Weekly parent-teacher calls will be set up for feedback, troubleshooting, guidance and support.

What you can expect from the

InBloom HomeSchool Program


Program Highlights

For parents of 2 to 6 year-olds. 


  • Limited seats per month 

  • Dedicated faculty support per parent

  • Customised homeschool curriculum for each child

  • All course materials provided 

  • Weekly faculty support to discuss milestones and course material



Whatsapp us at the same number.

  • What is a day at InBloom like?
    InBloom provides a peaceful and predictable environment where the children feel safe and therefore they can explore willingly. The children take part in creative, self-initiated play. They engage in meaningful and real work like cooking, baking, painting, crafts, gardening, singing and listening to stories. The children also go for nature walks everyday. A typical day follows a reassuring pattern, alternating between child-led and teacher-led activities.
  • How will my child learn numbers, language and science at InBloom?"
    Our experiential and multi-sensory curriculum acts as a vital building block for your child's learning. Our curriculum is positioned within a reassuring daily rhythm and the yearly flow of seasons and festivals. Numbers, language and science are not taught in isolation, rather they are interwoven, throughout the day during different activities. Your little one's numeracy skills will be developed at circle time through number rhymes, clapping and counting. Also at playtime through stacking, assembling, sorting, collecting and through domestic activities such as cooking, baking and setting the lunch table. Language will be developed through songs and stories, which have rich and age-appropriate vocabulary. These also help develop listening skills and strengthen memory. Language is also developed as children engage in discussion about the activity. The daily nature walks, caring for the school’s garden, planting flowers and vegetables and harvesting their produce, and seasonal foods help the children learn about science, seasons and develop love and respect for the Earth and the world around them.
  • What will my child learn at InBloom?
    The teachers at InBloom, constantly work on developing their inner-self. They work with a strong sense of gratitude. This vital quality is imbibed by children, through imitation, and will stay with them for a lifetime. The rhythms of the kindergarten give ample time for outdoor play in nature and creative indoor play. This helps children strengthen their social skills. They play with handmade toys, natural and opened play materials, that have many possibilities. The children are engaged in meaningful real work such as wet-on-wet painting, drawing, baking, cooking, gardening, caring for the environment, handwork and seasonal crafts. All materials used for work are manual, which help develop their motor skills. The children learn about themselves first, with emphasis on self-care like eating and using the toilet independently. Then they learn about the world around them, through seasonal and festival celebrations, in well-planned indianized curriculum.
  • How can I be more involved?
    You can support your child's learning at InBloom by establishing strong home rhythms, timely sleep patterns and media free environment. Tiny toddlers can attend from an early age with a parent two mornings a week to socialize, play, sing, engage in arts and crafts and even cook. Parents of older toddlers and kindergartners children have multiple opportunities to volunteer at InBloom in weekly or seasonal activities and at annual festivals that we celebrate in a simple and age-appropriate way. We also have parent meetings to make play material for the children, learn songs and educate themselves about parenting.
  • How is my child’s progress evaluated?
    We strongly believe that all children are constantly learning and growing at their own pace. Every child’s development is mindfully observed by our teachers, who collaboratively build on their progress at school and home.
  • Learning more about Waldorf Steiner Education.
    The principles of the Waldorf system of education - video Working with children the Waldorf Way - videos Waldorf 100 years (featuring Indian kindergartens) - video Sadhana Indian Waldorf Kindergarten Association - Website
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