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InBloom Parent-Toddler Program 


No fanfare, no announcement - in the blink of an eye your child learns to roll over, he learns to pick himself up and walk, she says mama while you looked the other way, she learns to hold an apple wedge and feast on it, he learns to move his body to the music.


Milestones come quick during the early years of a child and learning happens every second they are awake.


Activities in our curriculum

Our parent toddler program is designed to enhance toddler learning in a safe, secure and wholesome environment, providing opportunities for parent and child to learn and grow. As a Waldorf early learning center, we believe in the power of play and learning through experiences.


With different activities, outdoor and indoor play, your child will be exposed to a rich, new world waiting to be discovered.

  • Song time

  • Fruit Time

  • Art

  • Outdoor Nature Play 

  • Self directed indoor Play

How will my child benefit?

A toddler is a little person who is now free to move. Every little thing is an object of curiosity and every stimulus is a cue to learn.  At InBloom we provide a safe and holistic environment that  helps nurture your child's  developing senses  and  connect with nature.

Why should a parent be involved?

This is your opportunity to truly understand what 'quality time' means. It's time to learn more and bond with your child: to watch your child make funny faces when they try a seasonal fruit, or observe other children, or try to walk, and do so many other wonderful things. It's also a space for you to meet other like-minded people and form new friendships. Moms or dads, or both parents are welcome. After all, the days may seem long but the years are so short.

What we hear

parent toddler customer testi.jpg

I am a stay-at-home mom but with little help, it got challenging to try and do any real activities with my child. Even during play time, I would end up lying down. But going to InBloom forced me to take time out and spend quality time with my baby. It was fun doing little activities together and watching her grow.

Nidhi Bhardwaj, former InBloom parent.

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