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  • Pooja Marshall

12 Simple Ways to Involve Your Little Ones in the Kitchen

Think back to our younger days when we shelled peas with grandma or watched rice being cleaned. Think of all the little memories and lessons we learnt around them. Often we take this informal but valuable education for granted. In our urban setting, children think that vegetables come from a shop or rice comes in bags.

How can we change this? Try these simple and practical tips.

It is important for children to understand where we get our food from and how we prep it, so they can appreciate all the effort that goes into bringing together a single meal.

Here are some tasks that children can help you out with. You can choose activities that start from planning a meal till the last dish is washed and put away.

Make sure that the activities are appropriate for your child's age and start with the ones they might enjoy doing.

  • Discuss and draw / paint (not write) a list of ingredients

  • Shop and check purchase as per the list together

  • Wash / peel / chop/ shell veggies

  • Plant and pluck greens together

  • Measure / clean / sieve - rice / dal / flour

  • Wash and soak grains

  • Set curd and check on it together

  • Take out cooking and serving vessels

  • Wash and clean up after cooking

  • Set and clear the table

  • Wash dishes together


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