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Purposeful Work: Engaging in 'real work' to learn real life skills.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Should children be given chores? Should they be asked to help clean or cook or help us around the house? Without compulsion, involving children in purposeful work is a wonderful way for them to learn about different processes and the 'how' of things.

Purposeful or Guided work is the involvement of your child in the “real work” that you enjoy doing around the house. Helping you cook, clean or even garden can encourage a journey from discovery to creativity in your child. It is these early experiences with a caregiver that also helps children understand how the world around them functions. These experiences also offer numerous and great ideas for his/ her free play.

Asking children to help you with chores or setting them up to work on certain tasks offers a slew of benefits.

  • Aids in motor and cognitive development

  • gives ideas for play

  • lays foundation for maths, science and more

  • fosters independence

  • improves different practical skills

  • leads to a sense of accomplishment

  • develops self-confidence



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