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Unleash your Child's Imagination with Open-ended Toys

Updated: May 21, 2020

What kind of toys are best for our children? Does expensive really mean the best? Read on to know more about how to pick appropriate toys that can engage a child's imagination and spark creativity in them.

With a huge market for fancy and expensive toys, it's tempting to indulge our children. But remember that young children don't need too much stimulation.

Children playing with simple toys.

Power down the gadgets, reduce the clutter of bright, noisy and complicated toys. TV, tablets, and mobiles hinder a child's growth and oftentimes tell a child what to think. This passive activity stunts physical growth and restricts imagination.

Keep it Natural

Instead of plastic toys which break easily and are harmful to the environment, buy toys which are environment friendly or make some at home if you can with cotton, pieces of cloth, silk scraps, wool, etc. We want to cater to a child's need for sensory learning; so toys made of natural materials create a sense of reverence and wonder in children.

Keep it simple: Open-ended toys

Give your child open-ended toys like yarn, blocks, cloth, figurines with minimalistic details and colours. Open-ended toys fire up your child's imagination and enhance sensory learning. Lengths of knitted yarn turn into belts, train tracks, pathways, skipping ropes and so much more. What adults don't often see, children imagine and re-imagine them to incorporate into their play.


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