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Did you see the sky today? Taking every opportunity to play outdoors

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

'Play' isn't just a child with a set of toys. From your portico to the park, the outdoors is a whole world waiting to be explored. Give children opportunities to play in different surroundings for an enriching experience.

Give your child time in the warmth of the sun every day. Let them play in nature and experience the grass, sand, and trees. Playing outdoors will develop your child's strength, coordination, and physical body. When office hours and other obligations take up our time, consider a short walk to a store nearby or a quick stroll in the park in the evenings with your child.

How do you plan outdoor play?

Plan weekends with some activity outdoors; visit local parks or go to the beach if you live by the coast. Try to play games like football or cricket at the park or put up a basketball hoop outside your house for weekend games together.

Allow children to play outdoors everyday if possible.

Encouraging children to play in the portico or on the terrace under supervision is also a great idea. Simple games like hopping, jumping, tag, blowing bubbles, searching for bugs, or using chalk to draw on the floor could keep things interesting. Do be cautious about allowing children on balconies.

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